About Stella 

Coming from a background of bakers, it seems inevitable that Stella makes baking her career choice. After completing college and achieving an advanced accreditation in the medical field, Stella spent the next 8 years of her life in administrative side of medicine. At the director level, Stella faced a decision to make. Either continue working in a position that required a 50% travel or look for something else. It was at that point that she made the decision to pursue a lifelong passion for being her own boss. Stella has always believed in trying to find a way to naturally address any health obstacles prior to turning to prescription or over the counter medication. She was familiar with the positive effects that CBD oil has on the human body. It was at that moment that she decided to leverage her access to baking and come up with baked goods infused with CBD oil. Her goal was to make consuming CBD oil simple and enjoyable. Her products eliminate the guesswork when it comes to portioning. They also taste delicious. Finally, Stella wanted to cater to the folks that choose to follow vegan and gluten free diets.

Her feedback and support as a Chicago based female entrepreneur exceeded her expectations. Nothing makes her happier then getting a message from a customer that says how much the product helped and how good it tastes!

Thank you to everyone who has tried my baked goods. Your support is greatly appreciated!

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